Azimuth is introducing an innovative and flexible solar PV leasing scheme which offers immediate savings on your current electricity bill without upfront capital expense or long term contracts.

We install a unique monitoring and metering system to measure usage of existing grid electricity or diesel generators and irradiation levels, giving an accurate idea of potential from solar.

Fixed Price Power

We provide the solar generator under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Electricity generated is bought at a fixed price per kWh, offering immediate savings on current electricity costs. The rate offered will depend on how much energy your site consumes.

Flexible Contracts

We lease solar generators for contract lengths between three and 20 years, thanks to a unique design that is quickly and conveniently deployed from a 40ft shipping container. It can be installed by a team of four in a single day. Our contracts feature the option to buy at various stages.

Automatic Switching

Our solar generators suit both sites connected to the grid and remote applications using diesel generation. Both sources act as a back-up power source if required. Output from the solar synchronises with the grid electricity and diesel generator using an automatic changeover switch.